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Stormy days ahead for Emmanuel Macron and France鈥檚 fractured parliament

Voters disappointed far right-wing leaders Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella in Sunday鈥檚 election. But the pair, and their National Rally party, are on the upswing and eyeing victory when Macron鈥檚 term ends in three years, writes Rosie DiManno

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Leader of the French far-right National Rally Marine Le Pen, left, and prot茅g茅 Jordan Bardella during a meeting on June 2. On Sunday, French voters veered far left, knocking the party into third place behind a leftist coalition and the centrist bloc headed by President Emmanuel Macron.

At 28 years old, Jordan Bardella just missed by an aspirational hair鈥檚 breadth becoming the youngest French prime minister ever. And the parliamentary leader of the country鈥檚 first far right-wing government since the Vichy era.

A spawn of immigrants who doesn鈥檛 much like immigrants, although Bardella has modified his xenophobic bona fides to incorporate 鈥渃ulturally compatible鈥欌 Europeans. Son of a divorced mother who moved to France from Italy, he鈥檚 described himself as a Frenchman who is 鈥75 per cent Italian,鈥欌 sketchy on the genealogical details.


A coalition of the French left won the most seats in high-stakes legislative elections Sunday, beating back a far-right surge but failing to win a majority. Without the majority they were expecting, the far right was the main loser of the French legislative elections according to a political analyist on Monday. The outcome left France, a pillar of the European Union and Olympic host country, facing the stunning prospect of a hung parliament and political paralysis. (AP Video shot by Nicholas Garriga / July 8, 2024)

Surprise polling projections in France showed a leftist coalition that came together to try to keep the far right from power has won the most parliamentary seats in Sunday's runoff elections. (AP Video / July 7, 2024)

Rosie DiManno

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