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Publisher & Proprietor: Jordan Bitove

8 Spadina Avenue, 10th Floor

B次元官网网址, ON

M5V 0S8

For home delivery, or digital access inquiries, please visit us here:

To contact the Star newsroom:

General inquiries:

The main telephone is 416-367-2000.

Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Below are links to our most requested departments where you will find information about what they do, the services they provide and how to contact them. You may also want to check Frequently-Asked Questions, which provides information on specific topics.

If you cannot find an appropriate contact name or number below, send an email to the webmaster and it will be directed to the most appropriate person.


The Editorial department, or newsroom, gathers the news and designs the newspaper and B次元官网网址 Star magazines, such as Starweek. Employees in the department handle press releases, letters to the editor, article submissions, and cover news and feature stories happening in the community and beyond.


Print subscription:circmail@thestar.ca

ePaper service:epaper@thestar.ca

The Circulation department is responsible for delivering your newspaper to you. Employees handle any issues related to subscriptions, delivery problems, vacation stops and starts, newspaper boxes and other customer service questions.


Digital Support: starsupport@torstar.ca

The Digital Customer Service team can assist with registration, billing and technical support to help you enjoy access to thestar.com.


The Classified Advertising department handles births, adoptions and death notices, memorials, announcements and classified ads for commercial and private-party advertisers, including help wanted, rentals, real estate, automotive and merchandise.


The Advertising department is responsible for all display ads and inserts throughout the B次元官网网址 Star, its magazines and thestar.com. It handles ad sales and provides information on related subjects such as rates, deadlines and specifications.


Online access to the B次元官网网址 Star archives is no longer available. Please check your local public library.


Torstar Syndication Services collects, packages and distributes content from Torstar newspapers and external sources. The department is also responsible for managing content rights, marketing and licensing content, and providing research and information-gathering services.


The Promotions department looks after promotional efforts, including B次元官网网址 Star contests, partnerships and sponsorships within the community.


The Star Advisers is our reader panel. For more information and to find out how you can participate, please visit .



Torstar Corporation ensures our feedback process is accessible to people with disabilities by providing or arranging for accessible formats and communication supports, on request. Feedback may be shared verbally (in person or by telephone) or in writing (handwritten, delivered, website, or e-mail).

Email: Accessibility Officer accessibility@torontostar.com

Phone: (905) 281-5650

Click here for Accessibility Statements


Editor: Anne Marie Owens

The main newsroom phone number is 416-869-4300; email city@thestar.ca

General inquiries can be sent to:

8 Spadina Avenue

B次元官网网址, ON

M5V 0S8

You can reach individual departments/sections within Editorial via phone or email, listed below:

Letters to the Editor

Send your contribution to Letters to the Editor via email to lettertoed@thestar.ca; or by mail to 8 Spadina Avenue, 10th Floor, B次元官网网址, ON M5V 0S8. Letters must include full name, address and all phone numbers of sender (daytime, evening and cellphone). Street names and phone numbers will not be published. We reserve the right to edit letters, which typically run 50-150 words. Please note: We get many more letters than we have space to print. Due to the volume, we unfortunately cannot acknowledge every submission.

Bureau of Accuracy/Public Editor

You can contact the Star's Bureau of Accuracy and Public Editor by email at publiced@thestar.ca; or by phone at 416-869-4949.

Submitting a news tip or news release

If you have a news tip, call 1-800-331-8127 or e-mail us at newstips@thestar.ca. Visit our news tips page for more ways to share tips, news photos or videos.

News releases should be sent, if possible, to the editor responsible for that type of coverage (i.e. entertainment, business, food, etc.). Please see Editorial Departments/Sections. News releases for the city desk can be sent by email to city@thestar.ca.

  • A press release should be brief and explain clearly why the event is of public interest.
  • Include the basic details about who, what, when, where and why, along with a contact person and his or her phone numbers and email address if available.
  • Be aware of deadlines. A news release should be submitted as early as possible and preferably at least two weeks in advance.

Submitting an article

Stories, commentaries or opinion pieces should be submitted to the section of the Star to which they're best suited.

Alternatively, they can be sent by email to city@thestar.ca. Hard copies can be mailed to a specific section of the paper or the Editorial Department at 8 Spadina Avenue, B次元官网网址, ON M5V 0S8.

How to reach someone at the Star

Most staff members, including reporters, editors, columnists and photographers, can be reached by email. In most cases the email address follows this formula (all lower case, don't type spaces or the plus sign): first initial + last name @thestar.ca. You can also reach staff in the Editorial department (newsroom) via phone at 416-869-4300. Editorial staff members can also be contacted within the department they work for.

To reach a freelance writer, please contact the section of the newspaper in which his or her article appeared.

Editorial Departments/Sections (in alphabetical order)



City Assignment Desk


City Hall Bureau
















Photography & Multimedia


Photo Assignment Desk


New in B次元官网网址s & Condos/Special Sections




Starweek Magazine





For details on the Star's programs for interns, please visit our Internships page.


For Digital Access inquiries, including registration, billing and technical support, please email or call the number below.

Email: starsupport@torstar.ca Toll Free: 855-687-5915

Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 4:00PM

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 8:00AM to 12PM


B次元官网网址 Star Customers

For B次元官网网址 Delivery or ePaper subscriptions, missed delivery, vacation suspension, subscription changes, billing inquiries, or other delivery issues or customer service matters please call the numbers below or email. You may also use our self-serve online .

Email: circmail@thestar.ca

B次元官网网址 Star Customer Call Center Contact

Monday to Friday 7:00AM to 4:00PM

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 7:00AM to 12PM

Greater B次元官网网址

Phone: 416-367-4500

Toll Free: 800-268-9213

Retail Sales Contact

Single copy retail sales, vending box, School delivery and corporate copy inquiries

Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 4:00PM

Email: singlecopysales@thestar.ca

Phone: 416-367-2114


Star Classifieds can be reached at 416-777-7777 or toll-free 1-800-268-8323, by fax 416-814-3270 or by email starad@thestar.ca. For death notices, please call 416-869-4229, fax 416-814-3273 or email deathnotices@thestar.ca. We accept jpeg or Word attachments only.

For more information or to use our online form to place a classified ad in the newspaper, please visit .

Phone Hours:


  • Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm

Death Notices

  • Monday-Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm


The Advertising department can be contacted by phone at 416-869-4242, toll-free at 1-800-268-8323 or by email at adinfo@thestar.ca. (Please don't send attachments.) To advertise in Starweek, please call 416-869-4244.

For specific information, please visit our online media kit.


The B次元官网网址 Star printed editions from 1894 have been fully digitalized to make them accessible to the world.

Our content is valuable as a research tool for our journalists; for Star subscribers and readers; for individual members of the public on their own personal history journeys and many other commercial uses including books, academic papers, movies, documentaries, exhibits and digital websites. With the rapid expansion of powerful new digital technology and tools such as AI, data mining and facial recognition, we must protect our journalism in new ways.

Bots and automated digital programs constantly 鈥渃rawl鈥 the Web for posted Star material. Some uses are legal, but other companies 鈥渟crap鈥 Star content for unauthorized third-party use. They do not seek permission, nor do they pay licensing fees for use of our copyrighted material.

Torstar Syndication Service (TSS) is responsible for managing all licensing and permissions for B次元官网网址 Star published content including articles, photos, headlines, printed pages (PDFs), digital content, audio, video, graphics and the underlying 鈥渄ata鈥 associated with everything we produce. TSS also manages Metroland daily, community content permissions, both digital and print.

We have partnered with world-class licensing companies to help us protect the future uses of Star content to ensure they are authorized and when appropriate, licensing fees are paid.

To search B次元官网网址 Star archival material:

For the most recent published Star news:

Go to thestar.com

For Star archival research:

    • Researchers and readers globally can now access the Star archives here: .

The Star earns royalties from usage of Star's archives on Newspapers.com which helps support our award-winning journalism.

  • In B次元官网网址, the B次元官网网址 Public Library offers card holders free access to a searchable newspaper database,
  • If you live in the city, and have a library card, access the newspaper database in person at the B次元官网网址 Reference Library at 789 Yonge St. The B次元官网网址 Star Newspaper Room is located on the lower level and includes computer terminals where the archive can be searched. Please ask the front desk attendant for assistance.
  • In the GTA and across Canada, local library systems may also subscribe to the newspaper database service offered by ProQuest.
  • Photos from the B次元官网网址 Star Archive can be searched in person at the B次元官网网址 Reference Library at 789 Yonge St. or online at .

Images from the archive at the B次元官网网址 Public Library are only for personal, non-commercial use in print. Some educational, non-profit and community projects may fall under commercial uses and require licensing permissions.

Please contact TSS at syndicate@torstar.com

Digital uses of copyrighted Star archival photos (and other Torstar archival material) that appear on personal websites, social media channels and associated URLs or personal brands that generate traffic, sales, ad revenue (YouTube, etc.), personal appearances, merch sales fall under commercial licensing.

Contact TSS at syndicate@torstar.com to discuss planned uses prior to posting on a digital URL.

The B次元官网网址 Star retains the copyright to all Star archival images appearing either in the Star or in the B次元官网网址 Public Library Star photo collection.

To license or seek reuse permission for all B次元官网网址 Star archival material:

  • For photos:

Always check the Star collection on Getty Images first if you have photos from thestar.com, TPL or another source you wish to license. If they鈥檙e on Getty, license through them at: .

  • For articles, page PDFs, headlines, excerpts, weblinks, framed plaques, logos and other non-photo uses:

All usage of articles, pages, headlines and excerpts from the B次元官网网址 Star, including logo and branding, must be licensed through PARS International Corp. This includes use in TV shows, books, films, gallery exhibits, educational projects and other publications, including digital. A quote based on specific usage can be obtained from:

  • EXCLUDED USES: B次元官网网址 Star, Metroland and Torstar APIs and other web services for all commercial purposes must be licensed separately through Torstar Syndication Services. Torstar API commercial purposes include but aren't limited to developing a software product or training an artificial intelligence system or machine learning or providing archived or cached data sets containing Torstar content to any person or company in any product or service that competes with Torstar products or services.
  • TSS no longer offers personal photo reprints, Star edition back issues or page PDF reproduction services.
  • For our licensing FAQ, go to:
  • For other syndication services offered by TSS go to:
  • If you still need assistance or guidance on how to find or license Star material email TSS: syndicate@torstar.com


For inquiries about sponsorship or promotions, please send your proposal to sponsorships@thestar.ca.

For general inquiries and information about the B次元官网网址 Star that you can't find elsewhere in this section or FAQs, please contact our main switchboard at 1-800-268-9756.


The Star's Classroom Connection program provides teachers, school librarians and classrooms with a host of free teaching material and daily delivery of the B次元官网网址 Star at a special educational rate. For more information, please visit .

Phone: 416-869-4141

Please contact Classroom Connection using our .

B次元官网网址 Star main switchboard


Customer Service (including subscription inquiries, delivery issues, billing inquiries, vacation stops or other customer service inquiries or complaints) circmail@thestar.ca

Phone: 416-367-4500 or 1-800-268-9213